Human Resources and Organizational Development

Ya’axché Consulting is an internationally operating company.

As experienced trainers and consultants we support you in personal and organizational development projects.

Our approach

Our unique approach focuses on the use of pedagogical, didactic and methodological principles in our consultations and trainings as well as in facilitations.

The shaping of interpersonal relationships is central to us in all our services.

Promote talent

Our goal is to strengthen people, teams and organizations, to discover, use and develop existing potential, to provide impetus in terms of content and methodology and to accompany change.

Together with our clients, we set new impulses for the entire organization and accompany their implementation.


literally “green tree” (Yax: green; Ché: tree)

botanical name: Ceiba pentandra

with a height of up to 75 m one of the largest trees in the tropical rainforest of Central and Northern South America

most striking features: 
– thick trunk
– large board roots
– intensely colored flowers

sacred tree of life of the Maya

The name Ya’axché symbolizes the essence of our corporate philosophy:

For us, the Ya’axché as a tree of life embodies strength, growth and change. The powerful roots stand for stability, for the preservation of traditions and for the source of the new. They anchor organizations, give them strength and consistency, and enable intensely colored blossoms to become visible as the results of organizational development.

We are proud to support our clients in discovering and using their own strong roots to achieve sustainable growth and success.

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