We strive to professionalize


and teams

to enable them to take ownership of the organization’s development.

of experience

>With our many years of diverse practical experience in pedagogy, teaching, training, facilitation, evaluation and consulting, we can provide you with individual, needs-based offers.
We are also a cross-generational team of qualified trainers and counsellors who can meet your specific requirements.


Our goal is to provide international schools with tailored support to strengthen their intercultural cooperation, to advise, support and accompany them in their teaching and school development processes, and to prepare them for external evaluations, e.g. BLI 3.0, and to follow these up profitably for the schools. 

Pedagogical, didactical and methodological principles

Our services and materials focus primarily on the balanced combination of the factual level and relationship culture in the organizational context. They are based on current scientific studies, pedagogical, didactical and methodological principles and take current developments and forward-looking trends into account. Through feedback and evaluation, we adapt our offerings in a targeted manner and ensure quality assurance and development.

Design of
our offers

> We pursue effective learning approaches in the design of training and workshops. Our consultations aim to identify organizational challenges, develop strategies, and create implementation plans to successfully achieve the desired changes. We provide professional facilitation of events that promotes communication and collaboration among participants and effectively addresses the event topic so that the event is a successful experience for all participants. In the context of intercultural teams and organizations, we see interculturality as an opportunity that we explicitly promote and strengthen in our offerings.

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